Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I recently watched a documentary on Ayn Rand.  When I started watching it I was not sure if it was pro or anti.  As soon as I heard the first interviewee be pro-Rand I knew that it was going to be a pro-Rand documentary.  If the first interviewee had been anti, then I would have known that the documentary was going to be anti.

Has their ever been a documentary that did not exist to prove a point?

Is that the purpose of documentaries?

How many documentaries cover both side of the issue in a reasonable way?  I don't recall ever seeing one.

It also occurred to me that we really could identify all of the major points in Atlas Shrugged and point to a similar event occurring in our real life.  Although I suppose that that is true for most any book.

Still it might be interesting to list the major points in Atlas Shrugged and give each point its modern example.  Maybe we could predict what will happen next.

7 million Atlas Shrugged books sold is only about 2% of the current number of Americans.  That's not many.  And yet you'll find lots of people who support and oppose her work probably without reading it.

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