Monday, October 22, 2012

Brookfield, WI Shooting

Apparently there was a shooting recently, about a half hour's drive from where I live.  The guy killed his wife and a few others.

Apparently he was almost arrested earlier

When I said that if I resisted arrest for not paying my fine, for not having a front license plate on my car, I wasn't kidding about possibly being killed as a result.
Whoever intentionally does all of the following is guilty of a Class I felony: Refuses to comply with an officer's lawful attempt to take him or her into custody and retreats or remains in a building or place and, through action or threat, attempts to prevent the officer from taking him or her into custody and (while inside) remains or becomes armed with a dangerous weapon or threatens to use a dangerous weapon regardless of whether he or she has a dangerous weapon.
 Don't you feel safe with our nice police around?

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