Monday, October 1, 2012

"Talking Points"

I wonder why so many of the people on the left claim that those of us on the right are only using "republican talking points" when we disagree with them.

It always seems to me that the democrats are often projecting.  They claim that republican supporters use talking points because that's what they themselves are doing.

They do indeed claim "talking points" so often that I suspect that that is a democratic "talking point".

Why would a "talking point" be bad anyway?

I recently had a fellow Huffington Post commenter suggest that I was using "talking points" and that I should "READ!" Wouldn't I be learning the "talking points" by reading them?

I think that they think that we think that they think that we think do not get our information from more than "Faux" News or Rush Limbaugh.  I wonder if they are projecting there too?  They may only get their news from a handful of very liberal sources.  It sure seems that way.

They accuse us of using "talking points," when it sure seems like that's what the entirety of their arguments are.

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