Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wife Hunting

I've just been reading the Free Notherner's A Good Wife and a Full Quiver post.  That post and his recent Status Update post contain things that I occasionally wonder about for myself.

If I was in the market for a wife, then there are two "tests" a girl would need to pass in order to be acceptable to me.

These things, or similar, have almost certainly been written about before, but I cannot recall actually reading them anywhere.

"Test" 1: If I were considering marrying a girl, then I'd like to spend a considerable amount of time with her mother.  A girl will probably look and act like her mother when she gets to her mother's age.  And if I am considering marrying her, then I would not care to set myself up with a girl who will turn out to be unpleasant thirty years from now.  If her mother looks good, for her age, and is pleasant to be around, then her daughter "passes."

"Test" 2: A fun way to see what a girl would be like during difficulties in a marriage would be to do something like go on a long camping trip.  If I planned a long camping trip and "forgot" all sorts of things that make camping more comfortable, then I could watch my girl's demeanor for clues about her personality.  If the girl makes the best of the situation and is pleasant company throughout, then she "passes."  If she is mean and unpleasant, then if we were married and had some sort of difficulty, then I'd bet she'd be more of a pain then an asset.

I'm not saying that I'm in the market.  And I'm not saying that I'm not.  These are just a pair of thoughts on something that is an interesting subject.

In any case, the position of this blog's T-Shirt Babe is still available.

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  1. as 99% of males, yours will be a impulse buy. Might as well give it up now. :)