Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Watching The News

I stayed with my grandma most of last week.  (She lives near where I deer hunt.)  Grandma likes to watch the news.   She's even, occasionally, one of MSNBC's 12 viewers, despite being born a republican.

I hadn't watched TV since November of last year.  Here are some things that I (re) learned:

1. You don't miss anything by not watching the news

2. Watching TV adds nothing to your life, find some other way of entertaining yourself

3. Sean Hannity is a nitwit (and I probably agree with him 80-90% of the time)

4. Bill O'Reilly's views are probably the views that a majority of Americans have on the issues

5. Bill is very arrogant and he even makes people who I would never agree with seem like better people by comparison

6. Piers Morgan is boring, I hope the average Brit looks better than he does, the average American looks worse than the average Fox News host, so he's not representing England well

7. "Just because they're better looking doesn't mean that they're less professional."  -Ann Coulter on Fox News Channel show hosts

8. Ann Coulter is still fun to watch debate lefties like Piers Morgan, she always seems to be amused.  (I might buy her new book: Mugged.)

9. CNN is liberally biased (visit my blog for shocking news)

10. Those of us on the right are no longer annoyed when someone on the left calls us a racist

11.  You may watch a liberal news show (all but Fox) and think that you can look at the stories while mentally removing the liberal bias, but you won't notice the stories that they don't tell you about

12. Why isn't the terrorist attack in Libya the leading story every night?  (See #9 & #11)

13.  If I had any voice in the media I'd spend a good part of every day wondering why we haven't had any budget signed into law during the last 3 years

14.  Have you seen Martha McCallum's legs?  wow.