Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Problems For Modern Men

Bill Powell, at Apocalypse Cometh, recently summed up what the problems for men are in today's society.  This summary was in a larger post about a particular website, but I think that his summary needs to be highlighted.
All right, we all know by now that men as a whole get fucked by the system and if you don’t by now you are soon to get fucked by that same system. Colleges skew their admissions and curriculum towards females. Affirmative action and HR policies skew hiring towards minorities and females. If you’re stupid enough to get married and have kids, if she’s not haaaapy, you’re going to get screwed in divorce and custody battles. If you do happen to make a good living, you’re going to be taxed to death. These are the realities for the man in the society we live in today and if you don’t realize this shit pretty quick, you are going to be fodder for the proverbial funeral pyres that the elites have planned for us.

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