Thursday, October 11, 2012

North Korea

So, I'm watching a book talk about North Korea.  "Escape from North Korea," on CSPAN's BookTv.

One point that is striking is the one speaker who said that many people say that they would have done something about the Holocaust if they could have.  This guy points out that North Korea has concentration camps and is as bad as Nazi Germany was.

We can't spend all our time trying to help others, but if there was something that we could do for North Korea, then that would be a good idea.

Here we see the foreign policy difference between libertarians and conservatives.  Conservatives would see this situation and say, "we need to intervene."  Libertarians would say, "we should intervene privately, and without the government."

(I vow, here and now, that if I am ever in a position to give a formal introduction: my introduction will be short.)

If you were going to convince someone who has heard only negative things about America that America is good (it was once).  What movie would you pick?

Rambo was the first western experience for the North Korean escapee in the book talk.

Rocky mightn't be a bad choice.  I haven't seen The Patriot, maybe it would be a good choice.  Do any of my readers have a better idea?

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