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Huffington Post Comments 10/2/2012

I left some comments at the Huffington Post yesterday.  I wasn't in the mood to even look at them so I'll just copy and paste them here.

I got 10 replies for my few comments.  Nothing really outrageous.  Mostly the same ol' "democrats care, republicans are mean, how dare you get in the way of my right to kill babies."

Next week I'll spend a bit more time in the debates (and only post the interesting ones).  I've been deer hunting 4-5 days per week which cuts down on my time, but mid October is usually slow going for deer here in Wisconsin. So I may hunt a bit less.


How does honesty, responsibility and integrity sound? Sounds like a cure all to me. 
We'll need to remove every politician from office, from both parties, in order to get responsibility and integrity in politics.

Why haven't we had a federal budget in the last 3 years?
Ask Obama that question. 


Me (in response to an article about Tammy Baldwin, who is running for congress in WI.  Her entire platform is: "I'm a lesbian."):
While I don't disagree that she is doing well, the only arguments that she has presented as reasons to vote for her is her support for abortion and gay marriage. And those are positions that will only get her support from people who already like her (and they all live in Madison, not the rest of the state.)

Her belief in choice might be all that is needed. 
In Dane County, but she already has that vote. It is the rest of the state that will elect Thompson. 
Jennifer Mead
We are like that in Oregon, Portland is an island all to it's own. Maybe the difference is that the rest of Oregon doesn't have more votes. Sounds like Wisconsin might..... 
...and so on in a reasonable way. (I think that Eidolas and Jennifer are righties, which would explain the reasonableness.)

"Baldwin says deficit reduction is not enough and the United needs investments in infrastructure, education and research to create jobs."
Ginny Waller
Those are NOT the only "arguments she has presented". Read the article again and do some further research, please.
Thompson wants to repeal Obamacare, which is a major boon to many of the middle class as well as those on Medicare with high drug costs. Do you think old people will vote for a gay woman, or a guy who wants them to pay a few thousand more for their drugs?
Ed note: I'm surprised at the reasonable responses. One even said, "please." But Tammy Baldwin is still one of the most liberal members of the House.  And the only ads that I have seen for her (a lot of them) only say that her opponent is opposed to gay marriage and abortion.

People like Elizabeth Warren are what is missing in Congress. Someone who actually cares about the average American. I hope she wins. 
How have you come to the conclusion that Warren cares and Brown does not?

Why do so many on the left think that those of us on the right don't care when we just have a different idea of what is better for all Americans: more freedom, less government?
Because Brown is pretty much in lock step with this obstructionist congress. He is not voting for the little guy and is voting against bills that would help the average voter.
Brown voted for the Blunt Amendment. That alone reveals he doesn't care about women even though, he claims he has been defending women since he was six years old 
[Exactly how did he do that????? He never explained but I suspect he must have tried to throw his Legos to his stepfather!]
#1. Their working histories.
#2. Because of the way they have been voting since they lost their soul to the tea party. 
Our judgment that "Elizabeth Warren cares and Brown does not" is premised on the simple fact that Elizabeth Waren conceived of, fought for and helped organize the consumer protection agency in the US. The fact that Warren led the charge to ensure that Banks will never again use false promises and even outright fraud to sell bad mortgages to regular american citizens speaks volumes. At this same time, where was Scott Brown? Nowhere to be seen. 
Brown is using race instead of policy to try to defeat his opponent. Desperation breeds desperate behavior.

Less government you say? More freedom you say? Balderdash ... not when you think you have the right to control my body and my reproductive rights.

Watch what the Right does ... NOT what they say.


BTW, I donated to the Warren campaign.
Ray Cote
Brown is pro-choice. 
If you are opposed to government "control [of] my body and my reproductive rights", then may I assume that you also oppose Obamacare?

If government banning abortion is control of your body, then the 2000+ pages of rules and regulations in ACA (Obamacare) is also "control of our bodies."

Is that not so? 

Ed note: Mostly reasonable, but apparently the tea party collects souls.  Don't you just love all caps?

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