Monday, October 22, 2012

You've Won Already

Both feminists and unions continue to demand more and more for their side.  But both of them have already achieved the goals that wanted.  What are they still demanding?

(Picture found at The Woman and The Dragon.)

One hundred years ago women weren't allowed to vote and were expected to stay at home and be good mothers.

Today lots of women don't bother to become mothers, can vote, get college degrees, can sleep with as many guys as they want, and achieve all of their career goals.  And yet this pictured woman is holding a sign that is supposed to "fight" for their cause on issues that they have already won.

Here's my personnel equivalent modern civil rights sign:

And what exactly are unions demanding?

They claim credit for 40 hour workweek laws, overtime laws, child labor laws, etc.  What is it that they want now?

More, more, more I suppose.

Feminists and unions are going to take all that they can get.  I'm suprised that we've let them take as much as they have.

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