Tuesday, October 30, 2012

For You Romney Supporters...

I'd like to make a bet with you Romney supporters.  I detest gambling and hate the idea of losing money and getting nothing in return.  But I am not opposed to gambling when I know that I will win.

Here's my bet:

I think that having a balanced budget is the first thing any company or politician or person should do.  Before anything else their numbers should add up, and the income should be more than the expenses.

I hope that Romney is elected.  I hope that he will do what he says he will do (for the most part).  But, I have so little faith that he will even do something as basic as signing a balanced budget into law.

If Romney signs at least one balanced budget into law, then I will vote for him in 2016.  If he does not, I will not.

  • Romney is elected president in November 2012
  • Romney is still president in November 2016

President Romney will not sign a a balanced budget into law in any of his (potentially first) four years in office.

In order to bias this bet in your favor, I'll ignore all "off budget" spending.  We'll only look at "on budget" spending.

A "balanced budget," for the terms of this bet shall mean that the budget for a given year has more incomes than expenditures.   A "balanced budget" shall not be a budget that is on a path to being balanced or will be balanced in the future.


  1. Like you spoot, I am not going to hold my breath.

    1. Its astonishing how long we have gone without a balanced budget.