Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Comments on the Debate

1. During this debate President Obama says that he signed new CAFE laws that will require all new cars to average 35 mpg.  This sounds great.  We'll get cars with better mileage.

But what will it cost?

The president can claim that he waved his magic pen and improved the lives of Americans.  But the car companies aren't making cars with lower mpg for some nefarious reason.  They are doing that because there are costs involved in getting better mpg.  The cars need to be smaller, less powerful, and less safe, etc. 

The president can sign a law mandating unicorns to exist, but that won't make it happen.

2.  Romney's constant claims of his past success are almost enough to win me over.  His claims of always balancing the budget etc. sound good. 

There's no way that I'll vote for someone who signed socialized healthcare into law, but I see now why Ann Coulter likes him.

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