Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Too Many Rules

Earlier I tried to point out that there are too many rules in football, and thanks to our government, too many rules governing our life (see: 300,00 pages of U.S. Code).

Here a replacement NFL referee says that there were so many rules in the NFL that the replacement rule officiators did know them all.

Both in football and in life, too many rules makes everything complicated and cause a whole lot of problems that did not need to be.

With simple rules, everyone can understand and any idiot could be a competent referee or able to live life without requiring a series of lawyers to straighten everything out.

Do you know anyone who has read all 2,000+ pages of Obamacare?  If no one has read it, then how are we supposed to know what is in it?  If we don't know what is in it, then how are we supposed to act with healthcare issues.

Laws like Obamacare make every citizen of this country act a whole lot like the NFL's replacement officials in our everyday life.  Everything is too complicated and even if we understand it all we'll spend too much time dealing with the surplus of laws and not enough time playing the game.

A relevant article at The Strangest Brew.

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