Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good Politicians (Maybe)

I expect all politicians to disappoint.  I think that all members of congress and the president should resign because of incompetence after not having signed a budget, let alone a balanced budget, into law during any of the last three years.

Congress' approval rating has been awful for years, and yet most of them keep getting re-elected.  Apparently no one like the congress as a whole but everyone likes their own congressman.

I'm about to link to a Sunday talk show transcript in which Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) was included.

Before I saw this transcript I was going to write a post on the three politicians who I thought might be good guys.  I expect to be disappointed by all of them, but Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Governor Scott Walker (R-WI, and Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) all seem to be good politicians.

Scott Walker has taken on the public unions and balanced the budget.  Bobby Jindal has made Louisiana much better off than it was before he became governor.  But let's look at a recent appearance of Ron Johnson on this Sunday talk show transcript (found thanks to Althouse):
WALLACE: Senator Johnson, let's turn to Wisconsin, which hasn't gone for a Republican since Ronald Reagan back in 1984. How much do you think Romney will be helped by the big organization that Governor Scott Walker had to build to hold off the recall vote last June?

SEN. RON JOHNSON, R-WIS.: Well, it was definitely helpful. We've got a very strong ground game here and, the most recent Rasmussen poll was dead even, 49-49. But among voters who already made up their mind or those that are for sure are going to vote, Governor Romney, you know, garnered 51 percent of those votes versus President Obama, 41 and 48.
So, it was interesting, Chris, as I drive around the victory centers, particularly yesterday, this issue of Benghazi is really bubbling up. People are demanding answers from this administration. I think it's going to have a big impact here in the state of Wisconsin.

WALLACE: All right. We're going to get later to Benghazi a little later in our discussion.


WALLACE: Senator Johnson, Mitt Romney disavowed Richard Mourdock's comments and, Richard Mourdock has tried to walk them back. But it does bring up the bigger question. Why should a woman who believes of freedom of choice when it comes to abortion, why should she vote for Mitt Romney, who said he'd like to see Roe vs. Wade overturned and who favors cutting off all federal funding for Planned Parenthood?
JOHNSON: Well, Chris, first of all, I have heard one person talk about the abortion issue during the entire campaign. What people in Wisconsin, what is moving the needle here is they recognize Mitt Romney is an individual, who when faced with the legislature that's controlled 85 percent by Democrats who is actually able to work with the Democrats, you take a look at his record versus President Obama, who has been totally unable to work with divided government in Washington --
WALLACE: Sir, if I may, on the question of abortion, though --
JOHNSON: It's just --
WALLACE: Go ahead.
JOHNSON: I mean, Chris, it's not even an issue. It's not an issue here in Wisconsin. It doesn't even -- it doesn't even move the radar at all.
What people are concerned about, like I said -- yesterday, it was unbelievable how many people came up to me, demanding answers on Benghazi. I had a father, a Marine, a young Marine, saying, listen I want to know who the commander-in-chief is and what orders he gave and what didn't he give. And that's really the question on the table I think for the last 10 days, is what happened in Benghazi and, abortion doesn't even show up.
WALLACE: All right. I promise we're going to get to Benghazi in a moment.

WALLACE: Senator Johnson, you have a minute for the final word.

JOHNSON: Chris, the American people have the right to know. And that is what they are demanding here in Wisconsin.

Let's face it. What was the president doing, during those seven hours? Did he give that directive? Or didn't he? Did Leon Panetta directly defy him? I mean, what happened?
Who sent out? Who sent Ambassador Rice out five days later when they knew it was a terrorist attack that was preplanned, sent her on Sunday talk shows to say in fact it was a spontaneous reaction to, of course, the video. This administration purposefully misled the American people for weeks. This president misled the American people for weeks.
And, I think the American people have the right to know.

It was either misleading or is incompetent. I think we are finding out it was probably both, misleading and incompetence on the part of this administration. The American people have the right to know.

That is the best showing on a TV show that I can remember from any politician ever.

I may decide to put up some posts arguing for more credit to the three politicians that I mentioned earlier.  They are still politicians and they will disappoint us, I doubt that they are libertarians, but they sure seem a heck of a lot better than any others that we will see in the near future.


Vote for Obama in 2012!

Maybe we could get one of these three as president sooner.

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