Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Comment Reply

Sis left a comment on my post Another Argument Against Marriage.  I thought that the comment, and my reply, deserved a full post.

How about, just don't get divorced, or you could always get a pre-nup if you're so worried about your assets.
Its not necessarily the assets although they are important.  Its the problem of what happens when things go wrong.

If there are any kids involved, I doubt that a pre-nup will mean anything.  The kids are not at fault so of course the mother will get custody and the father will need to make payments regardless of weather or not he can afford them.

As far as I can tell, long-lived marriages are becoming the exception not the rule.

The best man that I have ever met (list all of the things you want in a man and he met those perfectly) was married for about ten years.  When his wife had an affair, he lost his kids, the house he built, nearly all his assets, and got totally screwed over.

He seems to be a modern marriage example (although he is the best man that I've ever met).  Long lived marriages seem few and far between.

A marriage without divorce sounds good.  But things can go wrong, with no fault of the man and he can lose everything.  Getting involved in a situation where losing everything is quite possible is much less preferable than not getting involved.


  1. Men do get hosed in a divorce. I should know. Was married 11 years, ex-wife cheated on me, but to save face to our children and the court accused me of being the cheater, and on top of that falsley accused me of being abusive. My lawyer said crying abuse was standard operating procedure these days with women, it tends to help their cause by painting the man as abusive. She got the kids, the house and about half of my stuff. I got to only see my kids every other weekend and constantly had to try and deprogram my kids from all the slander that my ex wife was indoctrinating my kids with. Try doing that 4 days a month. Had huge amount of child support I had to pay for over a decade. Proud to say I never got in arrears, even though for the first few years I had to live like a pauper. I got lucky that I did not have to pay alimony though. My ex remarried before the ink was dry on our divorce papers to the guy she told everybody she wasn't cheating on me with. He was married too and divorced his wife. So, if you are thinking of getting married, good luck pal. There are some good women out there, but A LOT of ones like my ex too. The worst part is having someone trash you to your own children after they rip your heart out.

    1. I wouldn't mind being married, I don't think, but its stories like yours that make me wonder if its worth the risk.

    2. Got a little karmic revenge on the dude that stole my wife though. After a few years of marriage she dumped him for another woman. If there really is such thing as karma, she has some major karma coming her way someday.

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