Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Argument Against Marriage

Let's say that you are interested in getting married.  Let's look at two scenarios, of getting married at different points in life, and see if its a good idea.

1. You're young and your prospective wife is young.  You have no assets or accomplishments, but you have ambition.

You get married and set out on your career.  You have good times and bad, you work hard and your wife is supportive.  She doesn't nag or complain during the hard times and is encouraging instead.

Then let's say you become accomplished and acquire assets.  And then, for whatever reason, you decide to get divorced.

In this case I would say that she deserves to get half of your assets; she's earned them.  Even if this means you need to sell a house that you built and a company you created, I would say that she's earned half of them.

2. You're young and don't get married.

You set out on your career, have good times and bad, and you work hard.

Then let's say that you have accomplishments and acquire assets.  All of this without a wife's help.  You were on your own and got what you wanted.

Then you get married.  And a while later, for whatever reason, you get divorced.

I would say that in this case she would not be worth half your stuff because she did not help in acquiring it.  But the courts will not see it this way, they will give her half of your assets and require to pay for any kids that you have.


I think that getting married while young has advantages for a man.

I think that getting married once you're accomplished is a bad idea, because she will get half of your assets without having earned them.  If you're accomplished you should certainly get a prenuptial agreement.  Even with it, however, you'll still need to give your ex-wife more of your assets than she earned and deserves.  Especially if you have kids, you'll possibly need to give up your house, any businesses that you created, and half of your stuff, and make payments to your ex, regardless of any prenuptial agreement.

If you are older and you get married without any assets or accomplishments to your name it won't matter of you get divorced later because half of nothing is still nothing.

Get married early or not at all, if you're accomplished.


  1. Don't buy the cow if you can get the milk for free.

  2. A very good point, and yet another illustration of how the family courts are so bad for families. The ideal "marriage" environment for a child is scenario #2, having a father who has already worked long enough to have some relatively secure assets, and a proven track record of responsible choices. Unfortunately for that man, and for his children, he is the perfect prey for a predatory female, backed up by the power of the law.

    Good men lose. Innocent children lose. Parasitic women "win." (Until the host dies of anemia.)

  3. How about, just don't get divorced, or you could always get a pre-nup if you're so worried about your assets.

    1. Seriously? Does a man have a say in whether he gets divorced?
      "Child support" can do an end run around any prenup.

    2. You've worded it better than I could.

  4. The answer is for a man to marry a women who's richer than he is!