Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gun Controllers Admit to Knowing Nothing About Guns

Mother Jones magazine apparently felt the need to describe the various types of guns, because they admit that the people who want to ban guns know nothing about the subject.
As my colleague Kevin Drum pointed out Wednesday, a lot of journalists are seeking to say something meaningful about guns in the wake of Newtown…and failing miserably because their knowledge of guns is rather limited. In fact, this is grist for the NRA, which constantly rails against "the liberal media" and unarmed citizens: If you don't know guns inside and out, they argue, you have no right to an opinion on the issue.
Even while attempting to inform gun controllers on the subject they do it badly.

Some of the different categories of guns that they describe: "automatic," "machine gun," and "assault weapons".  Doesn't that sound rather redundant?

They also describe bullets:

The bullet (1 in the diagram above) is technically the projectile that is fired from a gun. It is part of a cartridge, and is encased (2) with a gunpowder propellant (3). Cartridges and bullets are sometimes referred to colloquially as rounds.
How many gun controlling idiots now think that shotguns fire "bullets"?

At least they are almost honest about two things:  

"Assault weapon is a nebulous and relatively recent term."


"California, one of a few states that maintains its own ban on assault weapons, uses this rather confusing flowchart to define the term. "

More accurate definition of "assault weapon":  “It’s black and makes us poopoo in our panties!”

In conclusion: #idiots

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