Monday, December 3, 2012

The Best American President

Many people list Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and Regan as our best presidents ever.  I disagree.  My favorite president did not let states secede when it was their right to (Lincoln), they did not add all sorts of new taxes and government spending (FDR) and they did not run up huge budget deficits (Regan).

Despite being all around awesome, this president is rarely remembered.

You probably don't remember him.  He was president in the early 1800s, and isn't known for much.  But that is what made him great!

He did not:
  • Add entitlements
  • Increase our debt
  • Add government departments
  • Start "wars on poverty" or "drugs"
  • Add restrictive workplace rules, like OSHA
  • Pass minimum wage laws
  • Get us involved in foreign wars
  • Create the federal reserve
  • Support women's suffrage
  • Raise taxes
  • Increase spending
  • Ban 16oz sodas
  • Encourage class envy
  • and many more!
He was responsible for none of the awful policies were have come to expect from our national government.  When our government does something, we know that no good will come of it.

Harrison was different.  He died thirty-two days into his term...before he could do any of the awful stuff all other presidents seem to do.

Three cheers for William Henry Harrison!

Had he signed a balanced budget into law, he would have been perfect.

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