Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Survive Living Abroad

by English Teacher X  (currently free for kindles on Amazon)

Its a book written by a guy who has spent many years living and working abroad.  Its a lot different than the other three travel books that I have read.  If you read Roosh, Naughty Nomad, or Neil Skywalker you will think that traveling is mostly a blast and the downsides are not all that terrible.  (Well maybe Roosh says some bad things about food poisoning, etc.)  But if you read How to Survive Living Abroad, you'll be much less enthusiastic about traveling the world.

Its probably quite worth a read for the knowledge that the world isn't terribly different in many places and in many ways.  If you want good stuff, then you need to pay lots for it.  He says the girls are thinner, but not necessarily better.

I wonder how much of his pessimism about traveling comes from the fact that he is working abroad as well as just traveling.

Its an interesting book and it would be good to remember that there are lots of downsides to traveling, food poisoning, being a target of theft, etc.

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