Sunday, December 9, 2012

Girls: My Complaints

Despite, more or less, being a blogger in the manosphere, I have not yet complained about girls directly.  (Except that one time.)  I've written about my displeasure about modern marriages, and divorces, and how women make bad decisions, but not about the girls themselves.

To start I'll point out that it does not seem all that difficult for a girl to be, at least, reasonably attractive.

My advice to girls:

1. Make sure that your waist is as narrow as possible

2. Keep your hair at least shoulder length, and in good condition

3. Keep your skin clean and clear

I'd bet that at least 95% of girls who do those three things are, at least, reasonably attractive.  And could hold the attention of most guys, at least for a while.

If you are a girl with a longer term relationship in mind, then I'll add:

4. Don't nag (complain, whine, demand, etc.)

5. Put some effort into your appearance (clothes, makeup, don't get tattoos, etc.)

6. Don't sleep with lots of guys (dictionary definition of "slut" is two or more)

Even a very average looking girl who does these six things should be able to find some guy who is happy to marry her.

My complaints start at the fact that it is a very rare girl indeed who meets all six of my listed goals.  I disregard all "girls" who don't meet the first three, and that seems to eliminate more than half of the "girls" I happen to come across.

I mean to approach more.  But many times I go out and see what passes for girls and am too uninspired to bother.  And then when a girl that is appealing appears I'm often in no mood for any conversation.

For another thing: why must it be so difficult to dress well?  Why do any girls think that flip flops or Uggs are acceptable footwear?  Why would someone wear dirty clothes or clothes with holes in them?

It seems to me that I could pick out better outfits for most modern girls, then they themselves seem to be able to do. 

  • high heels
  • dresses
  • tight jeans
  • tight shirts
  • skirts
  • heeled boots
  • flip flops
  • Uggs
  • leggings
  • capris
  • homemade clothes made out of cloth scraps
  • plastic jewelry
  • printed pants
  • knit hats
  • anything the first "lady" wears
It wouldn't seem to be colossally difficult to do these few things, and yet most girls don't even come close.


  1. No: homemade clothes made out of cloth scraps

    That one made me laugh. Never could understand why some women think they look nice wearing a quilt!

    1. Between those and the floppy knit hats it looks like they are homeless.

  2. After 25 years, attractive shoes and boots are finally coming back into style. Stock up ladies, now's your chance!

  3. Not bad advice coming from a guy. I think I get hit on double when I'm wearing high heels and a skirt compared to anything else I wear.

    1. It is really amazing how much better women look in dresses and skirts. My compliments on wearing them.

  4. I'm willing to give a pass to leggings provided that a girl has the figure that suits wearing leggings. Capris as well.

    I cannot agree with you about ugg boots any more feverently. They are a travisty and it is fighting that sound ugg is the first syllably of ugly.

    1. No pass on leggings or capris. I am nearly unable to not look at a girl's legs and I despise leggings and capris.

      I think that uggs are named so because they are ugly. Its not just a coincidence.

    2. Have to agree on leggings. On a good body, they allow me to give my imagination a rest. One caveat is that such bodies generally only belong to girls ~24 and younger.