Friday, December 14, 2012

Becoming "The Man"

I've heard about the sixties being a time when lots of young people (allegedly, they did vote for democrats) opposed "the man" telling them what to do and directing their lives.  When I've read and heard quotes from those people some of it sounded a bit conspiratorial.

Although they may have been right about much of what they said.  They opposed wars and we get a new one every few years.  They opposed someone telling them how to live their lives and we get the life of Julia.  They opposed a lack of privacy and they didn't know how good they had it.

The thing is, the children of the sixties were opposed what our government does today, and yet "the man" is now them.  They run the government and are doing what they opposed a few decades ago.

I was reminded of this while reading about the violence of the left and reading about how we have actual video evidence of violence from members of the left and the media is ignoring it.  This too sounds a bit conspiratorial; even though it is true.

My guess is the average American thinks that a lot of the media is biased, but, "surely", they'd think, "the media would not ignore such a story as union thugs inflicting violence upon members of the right.  Videoed violence would be too big to ignore."

And yet that is what is happening.

Complaining about the media is well and good, but our new media sources should take note of what they are covering.

I doubt that the children of the sixties thought that they would become that which they hated...but they have.  And they don't know how, or why.

You can see some of that happening to those of you on the right.  Just look at the comments of the article about how bad the media is.  Aren't we opposed to violence, hate, and name calling?  Look at the comments to that article, and see the hate:
Liberals are the BIGGEST RACISSST. Liberals keep raccissm alive. Liberals keep black folks down to get their vote and make up lies about Conservatives when it is Conservatives that want to lift everyone out of poverty and so to do well. If black folks knew the truth about gay, abortion liberals they all would be in the Republican party!
This is what Obummer has brought to us.  A country full of racist, bullying thugs kept out of the news by the lame stream media.  What a sad state the United States of Omerica is in?
And the comment that was flagged and removed from review came from: "SeamusRmoney, Tea Parties are for little girls with imaginary friends."

Some on the right are name calling, using all caps, and being insulting.  And the comment that was removed came from someone on the left.
I share the sentiment of these commenters, but I fear they are becoming their hated, name calling, angry enemies.

The children of the sixties became what they hated; take care that you don't do the same.

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