Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So, You Want to Get Married?

Many of us like the idea of being married.  But we all [should] also know that getting married means giving a woman the option of taking half of your stuff, plus your kids, and probably a weekly check, from you besides and after no wrongdoing on your part. 

It would seem to be too awful of a plan in our current society, with our current legal system.

Think of the children.

But what if you want to get married anyway?  What are your options?

1. Marry your high school girlfriend - If you are both young, then maybe you could stay happy together.

If you are older than eighteen then this is no longer an option.

2. Find a "good girl" -  Perhaps there are girls who are ready, willing, and able to be good and loyal wives.  Maybe there are girls who are capable of being good mothers and homemakers.
Men know what their grandfathers had. Perhaps even their fathers. You can see it in old movies. The idea that men and women would marry in their twenties, roughly the same age, form deep bonds un-threatened by a parade of past lovers (for either) and cemented more or less to each other. - Whiskey's Place
Let me know if you find out where they are.

3. Marring a thirty year old - These women are no longer as youthful and good looking, but they seem more inclined towards meeting #2's requirements.

If you weren't a guy they were interested in when you they were younger, then you should expect that they are settling for you.  That doesn't seem too bad.  But that may mean that she will spend her days wondering about what might have been...with some other guy.  Wouldn't she be more inclined to cheat?

Who wants to settle for used goods, especially with such an important decision.

4. Traveling abroad and finding a girl who wants you for you - Some girls from other countries seem to be better looking, better mannered, and more pleasant.  Why not go and find one?

How will you determine if she's not just into you for your money/ green card?  Would that be a bad thing?

5. Traveling abroad and shouting, "Who wants to move to America?" - There's something honest and good about find a girl who is interested in your money and is willing to admit it.  I'd like to think that you could agree that she'll share in your money and lifestyle while being a good wife/ mother/ homemaker even of there is no love involved.  That may not be the worst idea.  An honest arrangement.

Who wants to bet on success with this plan?

Additional thoughts to consider -

If she's from far away, then she may want to stay there rather than where you want to live.  You may need to at least travel to her old home regularly.

Different cultures living together could be fun and interesting or irritating and tireing.

How good is your prenuptial agreement?  Will it even matter in a divorce?

She's probably going to become her mother.  Is her mother appealing (for her age)?


These are the thoughts of someone who is not opposed to the idea of getting married, but is skeptical of ending with anything that appears to be long term success.

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