Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm A Conservative!

At least I think I meet Ann Coulter's requirement to be a conservative: someone who is compared to a nazi by a liberal.  Whoo-hoo!

This link may take you to the actual place on the Huffington Post:

All around us is proof that government spending and government programs do not solve problems.

Viewing certain living conditions as a right only adds to our problems. Someone needs to provide things like houses. Demanding that someone else pay for your "rights" is part of the problem.
Lawrence Kurnarsky
Your comment is entirely beside the point, whatever its merit. You need to prove that there is no positive results of government programs or not enough positive results. Where is that proof? You might be correct that there are no rights to living standards or conditions. But you have a right to view that as such. Your way of thinking reduces itself is to the concept of might makes right. Thus the spoils go to those who succeed at being bullies and that is equated with natural justice. Is this really what you believe? Personally, like Jefferson, I support social justice and the kind of justice that attempts at least to reward hard work, inventiveness, and all the other virtues. A society in which virtue is punished and vice rewarded, such as what the Nazis achieved for a few miserable and horrific years, I am against. They were believers in the maxim might makes right. Personally I support the idea that social justice and fairness are goal in like with human happiness, the pursuit of which I think is a human right. In the first chapter of Plato's The Republic, Thrasymachus claims that "justice is nothing else than the interest of the stronger", which Socrates then disputes. 
If my way of looking at thinks "reduces itself is to the concept of might makes right." Then why don't we look at where your way of looking at things "reducec itself too?

If people have a "right" to a minimum wage or healthcare, then somebody will need to provide it. And weather or not someone wants to provide something for someone the government will confiscate in order to provide. How is that any better than what you accuse me of thinking?

I find it interesting that we both believe that we are on the side of good and right, but come to opposite conclusions.

I believe that people should be left alone. And history proves that the people who are allowed to keep what they make are more generous with their time and money. You apparently think the opposite.

On other HP articles I have been replying to comments on an article about the number of homeless. We've had a war on poverty for 40 years and we still have lots of poverty. We have government run roads that kill 40,000 people each year. etc. etc.

Government always fails, costs too much an makes our lives worse. 

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