Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unions Are Exceptionally Awful

Rachel Lucas does a good job of explaining why.
My antipathy for unions and many of their members is possibly excessive: I full-on hate modern-day labor unions, especially the public-sector variety. They represent so much of what is wrong with society that frankly I’m almost incapable of being genuine friends with anyone who belongs to or supports a labor union. Unions were valuable a hundred years ago for worker protection but they’re not necessary now; they distort the labor market and are nonstop orgies of corruption and greed at the leadership level and also frankly pretty far all the way down the hierarchy. They protect and reward incompetency and inefficiency.

But President Precious doesn’t think so (because they give him a lot of money and share his view that a free market is bad because it’s not sufficiently controlled by bureaucratic thuggery), and therefore the mainstream press also doesn’t think so because he is their boyfriend and one mustn’t question one’s boyfriend who demands nonstop fellatio.

Though the press collectively shit their Pull-Up Diapers over non-violent Tea Party protests a few years ago, they will not be covering this video of a conservative commentator being punched in the face several times after being screamed at to “get the fuck out of” the face of several fat, spit-flecked, screaming union-supporters because he asked them why they opposed Right-To-Work.

And though the press collectively shit their toddler beds about the need for conservatives to improve their “tone” and “civility” after the Gabriel Giffords shooting last year, and then smeared that shit all over the walls in their frenzy to condemn the Tea Party for everything wrong in American politics, they will definitely not be covering any of this or this, and certainly not this.
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