Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Comment Debate Update

On Monday I debated several commenters on the merits of our government.  If by "debated" you mean they called me names and insulted me.

The article these comments are in response to was about how there are a large number of homeless in America.

My first comment:


The government has spent trillions on reducing poverty and yet we still have poor people. That's not surprising when you realize the government is incapable of doing anything good. And yet many of you want this same incompetent government to run your healthcare. I can't imagine why. 
Note that these following links include all of the comments that I got as a reply to the above comment.  Notice that their are nine replies to my comment (including on at the second link) and not one of them responded to my argument that the government is incompetent.  They all attacked me or questioned why I would make such an argument rather than point out why I could be wrong.

Take special note of commenter rothomaha. 

Start at the beginning here

Follow up comments here.

Notice that rothomaha has insulted me with every comment, as I have been amused to point out to him/her.

I more fully explained the fact that our government is incompetent by using the subjects picked by commenter rothomaha.  Does the government do anything well?

I then directed rothomaha's attention to that post and he/she has responded in the Huffington Post comments.

Let's have a look:

You, too have a nice day, and please stop being quite so sensitive. There is a vast difference between improving what already exists to make it as good as it can be, and just replacing it with an entirely new system, especially when that new system will benefit the 1% far more than it will the freight-paying public. I should have thought that, with your intelligence and perspicacity you'd have understood what I was saying to refute your original point - it appears we, The Deaf, have been having a dialogue. Peace! 
I am not here to look for insults or name calling.  I am not trying to be sensitive.  What I have done is present an argument: the government is incompetent.  I received nine replies to that comment and not one criticized my argument.  Every single reply that I received criticized me instead.

In every single reply of yours you have criticized me and not my argument.  It took you until your most recent reply to even come close to arguing that my point is wrong.

My argument: The government is incompetent

Your arguments: The government does some things, it would be too difficult to replace, it would benefit the rich too much

Those three points are arguments against my claim, nearly all of the rest of what you have said are the arguments against me personally.

Please read my post that shows that the government is incompetent.  The last three links show that we are better served with the private sector not the public.

I would be happy to continue if we can restrict the discourse to the arguments not my perceived "sensitivity."

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