Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nobody Knows Anything, But I'm Always Right

The problem that socialists, communists, and democrats have is that they want to control things so that (allegedly) peoples' lives will be better.  The problem comes from the fact that not one socialist, communist, or democrat has no idea what the best wage is for, say, a McDonald's employee.  They all have opinions, and often the power to enforce those opinions, but they are favoring opinions on subjects that they have very limited knowledge about.

One of the beauties of favoring small government is that I don't go around telling people what they should do.  Instead I say, "leave them alone."

As long as no one is injured or forced to do anything, then what business is it of mine or yours?

What business is it of yours or mine how much some executive gets paid?

Leave them alone.

*Many on the left may claim that McDonald's employees are "injured" by not being paid "a living wage."  But that is a corruption of the word "injured," and that argument leads to using words that have no meaning.


  1. Let us not forget the injury that results in teenagers being crowded out of the labor market due to minimum wage laws. In grocery stores and fast food joints I am seeing more and more 40,50, and 60 year olds working jobs that used to be solely the domain of teenagers.

    1. Its not just teenagers. Lots of new college graduates are applying for lots and lots of jobs that only require some high school experience for the employer to be happy.