Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Evidence Against Lying Gun Control Suporters

How much evidence do we need to have before realizing that the media and pro gun control supporters are hypocritical, lying, bastards?
I doubt David Gregory intended to violate D.C.’s ban on the possession or transfer of high capacity ammunition magazines when he waved around such a magazine during his interview of Wayne LaPierre yesterday.
Gregory’s possible violation of the law was exposed by the conservative blogosphere, which also pointed out that Gregory sends his kids to a school with armed security at the same time he was mocking the NRA suggestion of armed security in schools.
Comment from the article:
Of course Gregory should be prosecuted. If he were an ordinary citizen the DC police would persecute him mercilessly.

And if the DC police decide to ignore the violation (the most likely outcome), opponents of gun control should bring this up at every opportunity. Just as some of the loudest voices calling for tax increases turn out to be tax cheats, just as some darlings of the feminist movement turn out to be rapists (William Jefferson Clinton), the hypocrisy of the anti-gun movement should be exposed.
h/t: Althouse

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