Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Comparison of Manosphere Travel Books

There have been a number of travel books written by members of the manoshpere recently.

I think that there are two main reasons for reading a book: to acquire knowledge and to be entertained.

Let's compare three books and see how they do at providing travel knowledge and how entertaining they are.

A Dead Bat in Paraguay, by Roosh Vorek

The author of this book quit his job to travel the world.  His plan was to visit all of the countries in South America on one long trip.  He didn't get to the three little countries north of Brazil, but his experiences are interesting, his descriptions of each country are good, and his writing is excellent.

For providing travel knowledge this books is good, you can get a taste of what most south American countries are like.

For entertainment value, this book is constantly interesting, there are no boring parts, and the writing, as I've said before, is excellent.

Around the World in 80 Girls, by Neil Skywalker

The author of this book is a Dutch guy who spent three years going around the world, and visited much of Asia and South America.  This book covers a lot of countries and you can get a feel for many of them.  Before reading this book I had no interest in visiting Vladivostok, Russia or Cambodia, since reading I've reconsidered those two places. (A revisit of Naughty Nomad's Phnom Penh City Guide enhanced my desire to go to Cambodia too).  The writing in this book isn't great, and you can tell that English is not the author's first language, but it is only a minor annoyance and the book is constantly interesting.

For travel knowledge this book is great.  You get reviews of many countries from around the world from a single source.  The practical knowledge inside is less than you might like if you are going to plan a similar trip, but this book is a great start.

As entertainment, this book is constantly interesting and worth a read.

Naughty Nomad: Not your typical backpacker story

This book may blow your mind.  The author and friends, traveled to many places of the world and did things like sneak across borders, smuggled drugs, and enjoyed the company of many local girls.

For travel knowledge, this book is lacking; not many of us have balls half his size or his desire to be in places where we may get shot at.

For entertainment, there isn't really a book that compares.

In conclusion:

For travel knowledge and ideas: read Around the World in 80 Girls.

For entertainment: read Naughty Nomad.

For the best combination, and best writing, read: A Dead Bat in Paraguay.

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