Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Taking America Back

Last night I went to a Bonnie Raitt concert.  (I survived the "gun free" venue.)  The opening performer, Mavis Staples made a few pro-Obama and anti-tea party comments between songs.

One of her comments was to the effect of: "Take America Back? When to the fifties? I'm not going to the back of the bus."

I often hear those on the left say things like they don't want to go back, in response to signs, that I've not seen, held by those of us on the right; "Let's Take America Back," etc.

I would suggest that in the first place "taking America back" means more along the lines of take it back from the democrats more so than going back to a different time.

Some of us on the right have commented on preferring the way of life in America in the fifties.  But that is more along the lines of liking some of the good things.  With not a thought towards segregation, etc.

Some things those of us on the right like to remember about the fifties are:

-two parent, stable, families
-one income was enough to support a family
-mothers got to stay home and take care of the kids
-home ownership boom
-lower crime
-everyone dressed better
-employment at one company for life

I doubt that anyone, even from the left, would seriously oppose any of those things.  Is it not possible that we can fondly remember these things about years ago, and not mean that we want to re-segregate our society?

Those of us on the right who comment fondly on the fifties are so un-racist that we don't want to remember some of the unpleasant things from that time.  But we like the good things.  In a similar fashion, if I say I liked hearing Ms. Staples: I mean that I liked her music but not everything from her, such as her political commentary.  If I said that I liked her, then I mean that I liked the good things.

Those of you on the left who read this should consider the good parts about the fifties if you want to say that those of us on the right are racists for remembering fondly a period in American history that had many good aspects.

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