Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Neckbeard Chronicles

Mojo has linked here in a bigger post about the left's poor debate skills.  Whoever I talk politics with always seems to get mad and call me names.  It must be terrible being wrong all of the time.

"I've written before about how I think MP Dominic Raab may well be the second honest man to enter Parliament. This is a provisional judgement, and it may be tested yet - a rising star in the Conservative party, it is now being suggested by some that he may one day lead it. He is a key figure in the new, libertarian influenced Tory right, which emphasizes free enterprise, personal liberty, and rolling back the state; a movement dissatisfied with the coalition's liberalism and authoritarianism.

Basically, everything that most people actually want government to do - which is what makes them so potentially dangerous to bureaucrats, media luvvies, and useful idiots.

Cue the Guardian, reporting on a soon to be published book written by Raab and four others of the New New Right. According to Guardianista Andy Beckett, Raab carries "the faintest hint of menace." Oooooooohhh!!!

I'm not going to get into the arguments. I'm going to address the total lack of argument. Not in Beckett's case; his reporting isn't bad. He seems to cover the key points and isn't too unfair despite the occasional emoting and use of weasel words. No, I'm referring to the hive-mind of leftism found in the comments."...

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