Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Huffington Post, Abortion

Me: Why is it so unreasonable to be opposed to killing babies?

I've always thought that the republicans should make a deal with the democrats: "We won't complain when you kill babies, if you stop complaining when we kill terrorists and murderers.

 PeteTheChihuahua If the discussion was about kiIIing babies you might have a point.

Me:  How is abortion about something other than killing babies?

dirkessgently Wait, I thought it was Obama who killedx Bin Laden, and most of the Al Qaeda hierarchy?....correct me if I'm wrong.... 

Me: If by "killed" you mean said, "Okay" to the Navy SEALs who actually did kill bin Laden.

I question your use of the word "most."

Is it your point that it is the democrats who have been in favor of the war on terrorism and the death penalty?

butchymail No babies are killed in abortion.

Me: They are not hamsters.

butchymail  they are also not babies, either.  Take a biology class and understand the difference.

Me: Its called a fetus in order to make abortion sound less bad.

At what point does it become a baby? Couldn't reasonable minds disagree?
Do you support partial birth abortion? Aren't they babies then?

RaymondAlt You have the intellectualism of a child

 Me: Insults are a fine way to win an argument.

 humaneisfact  hello???? It was Obama who got Osama Bin Laden and was told so what by the GOP!Bush said it wasn't a priority!No one is killing babies for God's sake,quit the hyperbole.It just makes you sound foolish.Soon the right will be so much in the minority as to be unable to get into power ever again.Soon.

Me:  By "got Osama" do you mean: Obama was president when the programs set in place during the Bush administration came to a point where Obama could say "Okay" to the question of killing Osama.

How, then, do you describe killing the unborn?

"Soon the right will be so much in the minority as to be unable to get into power ever again.Soon."

Wanna bet?

binq56  If you think that the only women who get abortions and are pro choice are on the left , then you are living in a separate universe. The majority of this country is in favor of choice and many of the women getting abortions are pro-life, born again, Catholic, Republicans. And an embryo is not a baby.

Me:  I'm only saying that many who are pro-abortion ignore the rights of the unborn.

Apparently 52% agree with abortions only "under certain circumstances."

We also rarely hear about the sad women who regret abortions.

"And an embryo is not a baby."

This is an opinion not a fact.

CitizenZoe Except that it is actually the Democrats who kill terrorists and murderers. The republicans just start unfunded wars for made up reasons and then blame someone else.

To comment to your first - I don't think it is unreasonable to be opposed to killing babies. In fact there are very strong laws that support you there. Aborting a fetus on the other hand... slippery slope, but one that needs constant debate and fact checking. 

Me: Your first point is quite a claim. Do you have any evidence to support it? (Having Obama say "Okay" when asked if the SEALS could kill Osama is one point can you come up with any other?)

Calling the unborn something other than a baby seems to be a way to make abortions sound less bad. At what point specifically does it become a "baby"? Couldn't reasonable minds disagree? 

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