Friday, August 10, 2012

Cute Movies

There once was a time when movies were good.  When movies were not just mindless sequels to superhero movies.  When the black and white, and poor color quality enhanced the movies rather than detracted from them.  That time was the forties and fifties.

During that period even some of the chick flicks were good movies.

The point of this post is not to highlight movies that were clearly good from the forties and fifties.  Movies like High Noon and Casablanca are clearly among the best of all time.

The following, though are a few movies that are cute.  Movies that are not great, but they are nice to watch and they are certainly better than the average movie.

I Married a Witch

This movie, from 1942, is about a witch, her father, and the last descendant of a family the witch put a curse on.

Like I said earlier this is a good movie, not a great one.  But it is amusing and well worth watching.  For its cuteness.

Ball of Fire

This is also a very average movie but it is fun to watch.  Gary Cooper and Barbra Stanwyk are the stars.  Both of which are quite good.

Its about a guy, among several, who is writing an encyclopedia, and the singer who stays with them to avoid the police.

It is not a good movie, but it is cute.

Arsenic & Old Lace

Unlike the previous two, this movie is both good and worth watching.

Its about a man and his elderly aunts who help old gentlemen.  If you watch it try to watch it as if you were living in the fifties.  It will be much more amusing that way.  Despite the subject it is very light and fun.

All of the movies starring Cary Grant are better than you'd think.  And all are worth at least one viewing.

Another movie starring Cary Grant is, Indiscreet 

This is a particularly interesting movie because of the premise.  The Cary Grant's character is married, so of course he can't have an affair with the famous actress.

If you belong to the manosphere and you are reading this post I suggest that you watch this one to see what the climax is.  It is quite something.

My Man Godfrey

This movie is very good.  It is about a wealthy family during the great depression, and their new butler.

If for some reason you are forced to watch a romantic comedy then these are massively better than anything made today.   If you are in a light-hearted mood, then these movies won't be half bad.

We can't watch movies like The Wild Bunch all the time, so these that I have listed may be a good change of pace.

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