Tuesday, August 14, 2012


After Matt Forney kindly linked to this blog, he pointed out where I got the idea for the name for this blog.  "Spoot" is used, primarily by Daggett, in place of expletives.

Daggett Beaver from the late '90's Nickelodeon show "Angry Beavers."

It is one of my top four favorite cartoons. (There is no ranking past fourth.)

I occasionally still watch an episode on YouTube; when they are available.

The show had several memorable lines (from Quotefully):

"What's that spooty, spoothead, spoot guy, king of the spoots doing here?"

"How could I be so blind and not see? It's oblivious."

"What in the name of Kenneth Tobey's cardboard belt are you two doing here?"

"Hey, Norbert! You're at the door!"

"In the name of Mike Gerard's overbuilt truck - stop!"

"Die, spooty thing, die!"

 "Desperate times call for desperate desperateness."

"With these super cool x-ray specs, I can even see through windows."

"What in the name of Davy Crockett's sweat-stained buckskins is going on?"

"What in the name of Aunt Eileen's cabbageless coleslaw is going on?"

"Ah, the thrill of victory and the agony of my feet."

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