Thursday, August 16, 2012

HP Debate Part 3

Earlier I received a reply to a comment left at the Huffington Post.

(Part 1, Part 2, this post is Part 3).

BBQribsNOnapkin   August 16, 2012 at 1:15pm

Walter Williams? Lol....looks like we got a Libertarian in the house...

News Flash: economic growth and affluence don't automatically result in happiness and increased quality of life.

Here's one that's less "trickle-down-centric", grounded in reality, and acknowledges that there is indeed [shutter] a social contract:

Ironically, it arrives at the same conclusion albeit through entirely different means. Of course what we're talking about is a structural problem that can't be solved by soundbites from competing economic world views, yours from tinfoil hat land, mine from the planet Earth.

...then again, if poor people really need financial assistance they can always follow Williams advice and sell their buy guns, of course.


Me: If "economic growth and affluence don't automatically result in happiness and increased quality of life", then what does?

Who are you, or I, to decide what is right for anyone, poor or otherwise?

My rebuttal to your link can be found here:

What makes you think that we arrived at our conclusions through different means? Your link, and those of us on the right, have discovered that minimum wage laws do not improve the lives of those people who live in poverty.

BTW, my rebuttal is full of links, for sources, for my statistics, from government or liberally biased sources.

What business is it of yours, or mine, what anyone does if they do not hurt others?

If we want to look at how to raise the most people out of poverty let's look for examples in our current world.

Read the article in the last link in my rebuttal, or at least the last three paragraphs in my rebuttal.

The last paragraph: "Free enterprise has raised the average manufacturing wage in China from 58 cents per hour in 2000 to nearly $6 per hour today. Let’s connect the dots for the UW grads: government lets go of the rope, 43 million new businesses are formed, the economy is 70% liberated, and wages go up 10-fold in a decade. Get it?"

Do you think I will be insulted more by his/her next reply, ex: "yours from tinfoil hat land"?

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