Thursday, August 23, 2012

Million Dollar Ideas

If you could have any wish granted what would it be?

I would not be inclined towards getting a wish granted, I have the ability to get whatever I want without wishing for it.  In any case, you might make that wish but only get the money because somebody died and you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.  That wouldn't be a good deal.

Let's say you want $1,000,000.  It'd be more fun to make it rather than wish for it.  Would you wish for a great idea?

If there's one thing that I know about getting rich its that its the execution of the plan not the idea that is important.

Many of us would like to get rich, maybe you are one of us and are looking for an idea.  Ideas are everywhere, and a dime a dozen.  Pick any subject and I'll give you an idea that could make you a million dollars.

How about some examples?

1. Fast "Chinese"

There are currently many fast food restaurants.  People need food, and fast is better than waiting for it.  But our options are currently ground beef, or chicken, in a taco or in a hamburger.  Why not start a subway-like restaurant with Asian inspired food. Most people like Asian food and most like the speed of fast food.

How about the customer goes to the head of the line, here or to go?  Rice, noodles, soba noodles, or low carbs? etc..

Leann Chin does something similar to this so why can't you do it better?

2. World Sampler Restaurant

People like trying foods from around the world, and we hear that what we Americans think of as Mexican, Italian, or Chinese really isn't.

Why don't we travel the world and find interesting foods, then bring the experts here to make it for us?  If we go to China, India, and Africa we'll be getting people who would be happy to live in America and who would be inexpensive to hire. 

Wouldn't you like to go to a restaurant that has a variety of actual chefs "fresh off the boat" cooking a variety of food from around the world?

3.  Clothing Designer

Why don't you start a business making inexpensive, and stylish, clothing for young women?  You could design your stuff, then advertise by going to colleges and asking the attractive students to model your cloths around campus.  Give them the cloths for free, and add small ads to the cloths, "". 

If you are mobile then you could visit a college and advertise custom cloths.  "Pick a style, pick a fabric, pick the colors," you'll say.  "We'll take your measurements, and choices, today, then have a dress for you tomorrow!"  Interesting new ideas could be made and ready for sale beforehand. 

Why aren't you doing this already, if you like making clothes?

4. Tim's College

College is, mostly, a waste of time, money, and effort.  There are also thousands of them with little credibility.

Why not start a college, by saying, "We're going to start a business from nothing."  The students, could pick an idea for a business then spend a month in marketing, a month in accounting, a month in operations, etc.  With occasional lectures from professionals.

The business would get free labor (its biggest expense eliminated).  If the business is successful the best students would have jobs that they created, in in area that they picked.  Even if the business is a total bust, the students go go to their potential employers and say, "I have experience in sales, marketing, accounting, and operations.  I helped start a business from the ground up.  It did not succeed but with my help it went from $0 in sales to $x in sales." Or, "I've completed the taxes for a small business for several years." etc.

Why isn't someone doing this? Free labor for business, experience for students, and a large number of good employees currently sitting at home.

Why aren't I doing this right now? 

If you live around Southern Wisconsin, and are interested in starting a business with me, send me an email,  I haven't picked a specific idea, you can help.

You can go out and get your job experience or you can continue to sit at home unemployed, let me know.


  1. Men, don't discount sewing. My husband does it at least as well as I do. He's a mechanic and his hobbies are woodworking and metalwork - he likes to build stuff.
    (And wouldn't it be cool to see girls wearing clothes you actually think are attractive!)

    1. I thought of that idea when I saw an episode of Project Runway. I thought that if I knew how to sew, I could do better than most of the contestants.

      Improved fashion on the girls today would be great.

    2. It's not hard. Learn a few definitions and read the directions.
      And tailoring is a great side business. A "custom" fit can make an inexpensive shirt or suit look custom made. Your white collar office drones pals, looking for an edge will pick up on that...

    3. I may look into it. But right now I'm working on cooking and bread baking.

      I would like to improve the fit of my shirts, though.