Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If Obama is re-elected...

(note: I wrote this before knowing that Paul Ryan would be the vice presidential nominee.  I still stand by everything I wrote here.)

If Obama gets reelected this November, then the American people have spoken.  They will have said, "I want a new tomorrow, and a better future."

The republicans in congress should then end all political partisanship and vote for everything that Obama wants.

If Obama is reelected the republicans should support all of his policies because the faster we end this country the sooner we can rebuild it.

We can then start over.  Ideally with the same constitution, minus the "commerce clause" and "militia" from the second amendment. (And of course no mentions of slavery.)

If Obama is reelected lets just get to the end of this country as fast as possible so that we can try it again.

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