Monday, August 20, 2012

Car Insurance

Eric, of, has another good article, this one is about car insurance:

"Mandatory car insurance is a pretty hateful concept – a form of prior restraint that says, in effect, because you may cause injury  you must be insured against the possibility. Even though millions of people go a lifetime without ever actually causing anyone any injury, they suffer the certainty of paying, year in and year out, fees to the insurance mafia – backed by the ever-present billy club of the state. Over 20 or 30 years, the sum lost can easily run to $20,000 or more.  Out the window – and into the pockets of the insurance mafia.
That’s bad.

Worse, though, is this business of forcing people to purchase insurance coverage on every vehicle they own – even though (so far as we know) a person can only drive one vehicle at a time.

Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to insure the driver?

After all, cars don’t drive themselves – yet. Until the driver gets behind the wheel, they’re inert. If he’s driving one, he can’t be driving another. Which means, he can’t cause injury or damage with the vehicles not being driven. Thus, even the odious prior restraint argument so beloved by Clovers doesn’t hold water."

Read the rest here.

The National Motorists Association also has a bunch of good arguments for better traffic systems and advice for you motoring legal disputes.

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