Thursday, August 23, 2012

Green Bay Packers Roster

The preseason of the NFL is nearing completion, and we will soon be upon the teams' roster reductions.

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article writer makes the Packers' final roster predictions.

With about 3 exceptions I think that is is close to being right.

But I question his, and many others', desire to have the Packers with another backup QB.

"Through the first month of training camp, Harrell simply hasn't shown enough to warrant the No. 2 job. If Rodgers had to miss a month, do you think Green Bay could go .500 with Harrell under center? Odds are the Packers don't, which means their best move is trading for a veteran. It's still 50-50 the Packers will keep Harrell. They've invested nearly three years into his development. But such a decision could ruin the season if Rodgers goes down for a substantial period of time."

I agree that Graham Harrell didn't do well in last week's preseason game, but he did well against the Chargers, and many of his poor numbers were the result of drops.  One of his two preseason interceptions was because the tight end tripped on the play.  The game last week against the Browns was a whole team effort of bad.

The MJS writer thinks that someone like Colt McCoy would be a better #2 QB.  I think that Harrell and McCoy have a lot of similarities.  They were both very successful in college.  Neither has the prototypical size or arm strength.  But Harrell has had 3 years of learning the Packers' offense and plays, while McCoy would be starting from nothing.  I think that they both have some ability to play.  But one wouldn't be all that much of an upgrade over the other.  And Harrell has that Packers' experience already.

I wouldn't be surprised if a trade like this happened, but I would advise against it, with the information that I have.

One commenter on a football blog said, after the draft, " I preferred Courtney Upshaw [to Nick Perry, the Packers' 1st round pick], but in Ted [Packers' general manager] I trust."

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