Sunday, August 12, 2012

VP Paul Ryan

After reading things like this, I wonder if Ron Paul truly is the only good politician.  It seems that Paul Ryan falls short. 

from the linked article:

"Ryan’s record of fiscal irresponsibility has continued beyond 2010 when this article was written. He has since voted to raise the debt ceiling multiple times and approved ongoing extensions of military spending on unnecessary foreign wars. To be fair his record on fiscal issues has become increasingly mixed. He has voted against foreign aid, farm subsidies and some other specific spending increases as well.

Possibly of even greater concern is Ryan’s ongoing record of absolute irresponsibility in the area of civil liberties. Since 2010 Ryan has been on the wrong side of almost every important vote involving basic Constitutionally protected rights. He voted to extend the PATRIOT Act, for CISPA, for DOMA, for the NDAA (three times), to expand the Department of Homeland Security, to extend troop commitments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and to give the President the power to appoint department heads without Senatorial approval. At a time when more and more Republicans are waking up to the threat of expanded government power to operate without observing traditional limits on their police power these votes are a major concern."

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