Friday, August 31, 2012


I've been reading a few articles of Fred Reed's.  They are quite interesting.

In his article, "Screwed" he writes about the differences between black and white Americans.

"Societies work best when they have a uniform culture. The next best thing is a dominant culture to which small numbers of people of similar culture must accommodate themselves. We see this in America with the Chinese, who are studious, industrious, abide by the laws, and do not set themselves in opposition to the ambient European ethos. They are few enough, similar enough, and quiet enough that it works. 
But blacks are too many, too different, and too culturally raucous. Some syncretism occurs around the edges, yet even the middle classes of the two races mix seldom and somewhat awkwardly. 
I do not see how things can change. The sprawling black regions of the cities are so homogeneous, so big, and so isolated from the white world, television aside, as not to be susceptible to outside influence. Whites do not go in, and blacks do not come out. A steady-state model of the universe, so to speak."

I understand more now, why I will never be able to understand the mind of the average black American.  No matter what I do.

I wonder if this is the part where I become older and appreciate that I don't know everything.

His article, "Understanding Economics" is about economics, and conservative thought.

"I've got nothing against speaking in tongues, but some of it was too many for me. For example, he kept saying that businesses didn't want the government to interfere with them, which he called “distorting the market.” Well, I can understand it. I don't want the government interfering with me either, especially in the midst of a burglary. But I was puzzled. If businessmen didn't want the government interfering in the market, I asked, why did they send thousands of lobbyists to Washington to make the government interfere in the market? He changed the subject. I guess he was distracted."


"Actually they like competition as long as they are winning, and and when they aren't they want the government to buy their stuff. Why do you think America has such a rocking arms industry? Easy: Because the arms companies can’t make it in a truly competitive world. For example, Lockheed gave up the manufacture of civilian airliners to be a martial kept woman of the Pentagon. Arms manufacturers don’t have to compete with Samsung and Daewoo, which would probably make Pentagonal toys for a third the price. Don’t think so? Make the experiment."

I would say, in response, that it is wrong for businesses to lobby for, and get special rules and regulations from the government.  We should try to prevent that from happening by having the government do as little as possible, leaving little room for dealings of this sort.

I found it interesting that as I read his article, I found myself wondering if my political beliefs are wrong, or naive.  But then as I wrote the previous paragraph I remembered why I'm sure that I'm right.

A good writer can be convincing.  

From "Hardboiled is Back!"

"The fly in this happy ointment is marketing. I had friends who had worked years on a splendid tale of something or other, put it on Amazon, and sold seven copies. You still need New York, they said despondently. But then kids began to write awful misspelled ungrammatical Harry Potter facsimiles, price them at ninety-nine cents, and make bundles."

Don't be surprised if you find that I am writing a $2 deer hunting book.  I do vow, here and now, not to sell it if I don't think that it would be interesting and/ or informative.  (If I sell a bad book, it would be harder to sell a second, and third.  See how greed is good?)

From "Presidential Timber"

"Now I'm thinking Obama or Herman Cain. Slick Empty in the great White Yurt on Pennsylvania Avenue is still corrupt and invertebrate, but now only starts small wars, as in Uganda. Cain makes pizzas and seems to be a human being. It's a novel concept but these are trying times. Besides they say he did sexually inappropriate stuff to some gals who want to be on talk-shows and get book contracts. Good for him. I'm going to start a group called Men Mad at Sanctimonious Priss Spigots. Cain can be a Founding Fondler."


"After all, Ron Paul is tiresomely predictable. He would say hateful anti-American things. You know, we should get out of damn-fool wars, pick the military leech off the back of the republic, dismantle an empire that bankrupts the US, and end our perpetual state of martial priapism against Iran. Completely unelectable. A commie, I figure."

Now, I'm not saying I agree with him, and I'm not saying that I disagree, but his stuff seems to be worth a read.


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