Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If you're in High School...

If you are in high school and looking for a career path, then I suggest that you go to your local bank and get a job as a teller.  Despite their negative effects on our economy, working at a bank has serious benefits.  People who work at banks spend all day in an air-conditioned, clean, and quiet building.  There is no manual labor.  Have you heard of "banking hours"?  There is a lot of potential to make more money than the average American.  There are banks all over the world, if you get tired of where you live, it would be relatively easy to move to a new location.

If I were still in high school, and looking for a career path, I'd get a job as a teller right away.  Once I've been doing a good job for a while, I'd ask the bank manager if a college degree is really necessary for advancement.  Then I'd do what he recommends.

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