Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Huffington Post Replies

Me: Being a responsible congressman by attempting to balance the budget is very extreme. I can't imagine why anyone would want the government to only spend as much as it taxes.

We need more federal funding for art! Otherwise their won't be any! The States are completely incapable of taking care of the education of their citizens!

We were given a bad economy 4 years ago and since Obama was elected everything has gotten...uh...better?

Andy Ostroy I appreciate good sarcasm as much as the next guy....but Ryan isn't merely attempting to "balance the budget." he's an ideologue who wants to radically transform medicare/medicaid, SS all the while giving even greater tax breaks to the rich. And yes, apart from partisan spin/rhetoric...the economy is appreciably better...that is of course if you judge it by facts and stats. 

Me: Where is it then that I may find those facts and stats? I came here to the Huffington Post in order to better understand the opinions of my political opponents. I am interested in where, specifically, it is those of you on the left get you facts and stats. Any direction would be much appreciated.

Is it not true that to whichever degree Ryan is an ideologue, many democrats are the same the other way?

Is it not also true that we are $16 trillion in debt, and add about $1.3 trillion each year?

Have any democrats attempted to pass a budget that has even the vaguest hope of reducing either?

Andy Ostroy I will assume you're asking a genuine question, so I will answer you seriously. Look at GDP, employment, consumer confidence, the unfreezing of credit, manufacturing, construction, corp profits, stock market, and string retail, housing auto, banking recoveries. They all have numbers for Fall '08 vs today. make the comparisons. You'll find your answer. We call 'em facts and stats.

Me:  (Am paraphrasing my reply because I forgot to post it here and it is in moderation there so that I cannot see it.)

Sept '08 (latest month in '08 for which I could find a bls report) unemployment (with link to 6.1%
July '12 unemployment (with link to 8.3%

I remain unconvinced that we are better off since Obama was elected.

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