Sunday, August 12, 2012

VP Nomination

It seems that Paul Ryan will be Romney's running mate.

At first glance that sounds good, Paul Ryan is a good guy and he is interested in entitlement reform. I like how he's from my state of Wisconsin, too.

But after a second glance, I remembered how I felt when McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate.  Good enough to vote for the republican presidential nominee, when I might have abstained from voting or would have voted for a third party candidate.

How many times are those of us who want to see the country move to the right going to be forced to vote for a squishy RINO when it was Sarah Palin or Paul Ryan who we wanted to vote for all along?

What difference would it make to elect a republican president if he's going to nominate people to the Supreme Court like Roberts, Souter, and O'Conner?

What difference would it make to elect a president, if he's going to go along with raising the debt ceiling "just this one last time"?

Why are our options for president the only two political executives that have signed a socialized healthcare bill into law in our county's history?

Had I been in charge of selecting the republican nominee, the very first thing that I would have done would have been to ask Governor Romney if he did indeed sign "Romneycare" into law.  While he would've attempted to explain why he did, or that it is good; I would have interrupted and pointed him to the exit.  Any of the contenders, except Jon Huntsman would have been preferable.

Some will tell us that we need to vote for Romney because otherwise we will be stuck with Obama.  This is correct, but how much difference will there be?

Spending increases with whomever is in power.  Czars and bureaucracies seem to be added without regard for which party is in power.  When was the last time we had a balanced budget? When will we be out of Iraq and Afghanistan?  Why do we keep electing moderates to be the republican nominee?

Since '88, the most conservative person to be the republican nominee for president was George W. Bush. He was elected twice.  Only one other term in the last 24 years has been served by a republican president.  So, why do we continue to nominate our most liberal republicans to the nomination?

Having Paul Ryan as Romney's nominee is good.  He might very well be who I would have picked for the position.  (Federal Reserve Chairmanship should go to Ron Paul.)  And I will be looking forward to the vice presidential debate(s).

But this is not enough to get me to vote for the squishy RINO.

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