Friday, August 3, 2012

The Antiplanner

I don't think that Peter O'Toole, the Antiplanner, gets enough credit for the work that he does.

His most recent post is about the pork in the government budget, and how the "Champions of Pork" get rewarded for spending without regard for results or how much this costs the taxpayer.

Older post of his have shown his studies on how mass transit or urban planning have failed in achieving their goals and have gone massively over budget.

His website is a good place to find good, and well researched, facts on the governments' attempts at planning our lives.

Did you know that the only passenger train in the world who's user fees cover operating expenses is the Tokyo to Osaka train?  And thats not including the tens of millions that it took to build the rail line.

Even if you are not interested in how the government plans our lives, and how badly they do it, the Antiplanner is an excellent resource for learning about public projects.

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