Friday, August 3, 2012

Commenting at the Huffington Post: Part 2

It seems as though our friend "DocJoesph," who as we remember, has called me "clueless," "misogynistic," and has flung a few insults in my direction, has replied to my last reply to him.

Its seems that he's learned to only criticize my arguments, and not my person.  That's quite an accomplishment for someone on the left.

DocJoseph   August 2, 2012 at 9:36am

"Let me just address the first paragraph. The issue is important and unique.

The "framing" of the conversation is less than honest.

1. The federal government gives money to planned parenthood (for issues related to women's health including PAP smears, mamograms, STD screening, etc.).
2. Planned Parenthood performs some abortions (without using ANY federal funds, and this amounts to 3% of their activities overall).

So defunding planned parenthood is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It does not address funding of abortions, because they are not funded by the federal government.

Your "frame" suggests that federal money goes to providing abortions. It doesn't.

We shouldn't shoot ourselves in the head to get rid of a headache."


"It sure seems like you need to stretch the description of events in order to get it to align with what you think is right.

I suppose that you will support Chick-Fil-A, seeing as only some of their charitable contributions go to anti-gay marriage groups? 

At least someone can decide to patronize that company or not, all taxpayers are forced to pay for funding Planned parenthood, even if they think that PP is engaged in killing babies.

Was there anything amiss with the rest of my comment, that prevented you from replying to it?"

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