Friday, September 14, 2012

16 yo Ron Paul Supporter Investigated by FBI

I was reading an article at Eric Peters Autos and it had a link to a story about a 16 year old Ron Paul supporter who was investigated by the FBI.

from Eric's article:

Clovers are ok with the American Police State because to them, it’s not a police state. They see no imposition – much less tyranny. They see “democracy,” lawful order. The flag – and (to them) freedom. The mindset is nicely articulated by the well-worn Clover cliche: “If you just obey the law you won’t have any problems.”

It’s circular reasoning, obviously – with the circles becoming ever tighter as they spiral down toward the drain into outright and abject slavery. Which even then, Clover will not see as slavery. He will still be free to act, he thinks – provided of course that he acts within the boundaries laid down for him. In the same way a slave was free to pick cotton; or the medieval serf free to farm his small plot… so long as he gave his Lord the specified portion of his crop.

Clover does not grasp that each time he submits, he has surrendered a piece of his life. And much worse, the lives of others, too.

Eventually, there will be nothing left to surrender.

But this ugly inevitability does not trouble Clover. He agrees to allow others to direct and control his life, to make his decisions for him. And because he has accepted this “direction,” so also must others. If they do not, if they object in any way, then they deserve what comes to them.

It will please Clover to see them punished.

Unfortunately, Clover’s psychological S&M routine is not his private perversion – which incidentally would be ok, in a free society. If he likes being told what to do – and punished when he does not do as he’s told – he has every right to live that dynamic provided it’s just between him and his dominatrix. What’s not ok – if society is to be free – is Clover’s demand that everyone else don the Gimp suit and rubber ball in the mouth, accept the lash and say “yes, Mistress” (that is, yes, Officer) on cue.

Yet this is precisely what Clover does in fact demand. And it’s the reason why Clover gets absolutely furious when they do not comply.


Similarly, the also-recent case of a sixteen-year-old student who got a visit from FBI thugs because of the pro Ron Paul (and police state critical) video he had put together for his high school government class. “We need to talk to your son,” the FBI thugs intoned when the kid’s mother answered the doorbell. They then tried to intimidate the kid into becoming an informant. To infiltrate – and rat out – online groups and individuals that seem to have an “anti-government” (that is, pro-liberty) attitude.  He declined. (See here for that story.)

from that story:

Ron Paul has long warned Americans of the dangers of a federal government-supported police state, and now, it seems his worst fears are coming to life. A 16-year-old Ron Paul supporter has been questioned by the FBI after he created a YouTube video for a school project which highlights how America is slipping into a police state.

That's right, a child has been questioned by the authorities solely because of his support for libertarian Ron Paul. Let alone that the video earned Justin Hallman an A+ with his teacher in his American Government class.

Here are the details of the case: Hallman put together the video, which focuses on Ron Paul, Anonymous, military drills taking place in American cities, and free speech for his high school government class. One month later, he was at his family home when FBI agents knocked on the door saying to Hallman's mother that "We need to talk to your son."

Apparently, the FBI tried to recruit Hallman to spy on Anonymous. He told Infowars, "They wanted me to be an informant, to possibly put my life in danger, to help them arrest and gain intel on occupy protesters and hackers."

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