Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Best Movie & TV Show

Disclaimer: Yes, most people who watch Anime seem to be loserly dorky guys.  However, no matter the medium, something that is good, is good.

Cowboy Bebop is an Anime (Japanese cartoon) that was made in 1998, and the movie a little later.

Its the only TV show I have on dvd, and the only one I will have.

Movie Trailer:

If you had told me, before I watched it, that I would like a cartoon that was supposed to be about "spaceships," then I would have smiled and nodded and never thought of it again.

In the dvd extra the Japanese voice actor of the star of the show, Spike Speigal, says that if a friend of his watches the first episode and does not like it, then that person is no longer his friend. (I think its so good, that I watched all of the extras.  How many dvds can you say that about?)

So the series is about a couple of bounty hunters (cowboys), in space, in the year 2071. 

I'd like to point out that sci-fi really isn't my thing.

So they are in the future, on earth, mars, some of jupiter's moons etc. attempting to catch "bounty heads".

I guess that there are three reasons that I like it: the writing, the music, and the fact that Spike is about the coolest character I've ever watched in any movie or TV show, or read about in any book.

Series trailer:

I couldn't think more highly of it, and I even have most of the musical albums associated with it.  (How many things can you say that about?)

I could not recommend it more highly.


Some songs you might look at to see if you'd like them:

Many of the songs are Jazz influenced.
All were composed by Yoko Kanno and performed by the "Seatbelts".

"Ask DNA"
"Piano Black"
"Time To Know ~ Be Waltz" 

If you listen to one, listen to:

"Gotta Knock A Little Harder"

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