Friday, September 21, 2012

Top 6 Places I Want To Visit

1. Hong Kong

When I first discovered Google Maps Street View I spent a lot of time looking at the streets of the cities of the world.  It seems to me that Hong Kong is easily the most interesting.  Look at the view of some of those narrow streets, lined with stores and restaurants.  Its a marvel of how the English left Hong Kong almost completely free.  You can see a bit of China, while only needing to speak English.  Its a world class city built on a small island.  Its small enough that you'd think you could cover the whole place, but dense enough that you'll never see all of it.  I like driving but I'd like to spend more time in a place where driving is limited, just for the experience.  And a city that's based on an island can't limit itself much more to only walking.

2. Inner China

I have a fascination with the far east.  (Although, I don't necessarily prefer Asian women to any other ethnicity.)  I don't know if my interest has come from reading books like: Musashi, Taiko, Jian, Shogun, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, Heart of Asia, etc.  Perhaps my interest in China has come from my watching movies like: Hero, Ip Man, Fearless, Red Cliff, Little Big Solider, etc.  Or if my interest comes from the fact that while I was in school, I learned about the history of the western world, and the east was largely forgotten.  It may also be that my interest in economics has made seeing China go from communist to somewhat free an exiting place to see progress made in economics.  Its also probably one of the better places to make money.

I've already seen the major touristy sights in Beijing and Shanghai (although both cities have made great progress and new additions every year).  I'd like to see what the smaller cities in the country of China look like.  The country has dramatic scenery of every variety.  Rice terraces are one thing that I'd love to see.  And all of the culture is so totally different from our own western culture.

3. Brazil

Brazil is another country that was, at least, thought to be a great place to make money as it has moved upwards in wealth.  Other than the socialist government and increase in feminism.  I have not heard much negative news from the country.  Its jungles have always sounded interesting.  The Amazon has also long been a place for fishermen looking for exotic fish. I'd like to catch a peacock bass.

I suppose that I should point out that if I were to travel to a place just for the local girls, Brazilians sound just like the girls I'd like to meet.

If at some point I decide that I want to leave the U.S. permanently, then I think that China and Brazil are the leading contenders.  I may be more interested in the exoticness of China, but the differences from what I'm used to may get to be too much to bear. Brazil sounds like a much more pleasant and relaxing place to live. 

4. The Philippines

I'm not the biggest fan of tropical places (too hot).  But I can't read stuff, like this, from Naughty Nomad and not want to go at least once.  If we know that the girl situation is like it is now; how could a modern man, with the means to do so, not at least check it out?

5. Uganda
One big goal in my life is to shoot an elephant.  Probably around US$60,000 plus at least $4,000 for a rifle, and two may be necessary.  Plus some for the arrangements of shipping the tusks back (which may even be illegal).

Uganda is where many famous professional hunters shot their elephants 100 years ago.  It also allows hunting.

Not a bad review from Naughty Nomad either, well...mostly.

6. New York City

Once the greatest city in the world its probably still "The" city of America.  There aren't any particular things I'd care to see besides a New York pizza and the American Museum of Natural History.  I think that visiting NYC would be more of an obligation rather than a place that I really want to visit.

I just about made plans for a long weekend here, until I discovered that the Wisconsin deer archery season stated a week before I was expecting it to.  Maybe this spring I'll check it out.


I may need to add some of these places to my list; Dad always liked Singapore. And Mauritius is sounding good.

Top 10 Places of Economic Freedom


Economic freedom link found thanks to Right Thinking.


These are the places I want to visit.  Have I left any exceptional places out?


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