Friday, September 21, 2012

Huffington Post Comments, 9/17/2012, Part IV


I don't believe that either party will do what it says. But the republican goals (that they do make minimal moves towards) of lower taxes, including for the wealthy, and less government is much better than the democratic goals of spending more and more and more and then taxing more and more and more.

No republican wants to cut Social Security or Medicare funding, they want to change it for people currently under 55 to a system that will make each program sustainable into the future.

Could you point to where "trickle down" and reducing taxes have been "proven wrong?

Here is a counter argument for reducing taxes being "proven" wrong:

I admire the fact that China, and India, have gone from having most of their people live in absolute poverty (thanks to government policies similar to that of the democrats) and since reducing the size of the their governments (like republicans advocate) they have seen billions of people increase their life quality, income, and living standards.

For another example lets look at another example:

Countries like China, India, and Vietnam are reducing the control of their governments and are watching the lives of their people improve dramatically. We are increasing the control of government over our lives and are watching our freedoms and lives decrease in quality.


Sorry, but there's just too many things here that I disagree with and it would take too long to go point by point.  But that's your outlook, so I wish you well in your future. 


I appreciate the fact that it takes time to respond to these comments. But just for my future reference would you mind pointing out which of the points that I made in my last comment that you disagree with?

1. neither party will do what they promise goals are: lower taxes, less gov spending goals are: more spending, higher taxes

4.No republican wants to cut Social Security or Medicare funding (for current seniors)

5."trickle down" has not been proven wrong

6.china, India, and Vietnam have been reducing the control of its government over their people's lives

7.the people of china, India, and Vietnam have been getting happier, healthier, and wealthier since #6.

I would appreciate it if you would just list the numbers for the points that you think that I have wrong.

All the best,


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