Thursday, September 20, 2012

If You Favor Freedom, Read This

For a new machine that worked or a new wrinkle that
gave time another kick in the pants their glee was like
that of children with a wonderful toy. If the idea had
come from a foreman, or a worker, as sometimes happened,
Ford would stuff the man's pocket with money
on the spot. Yet no sooner had it worked than they all
began to think of ways to make it work better, and if
anybody could think of a way to do that the wonderful
toy was broken up for scrap.

When it was the wonder plant of the world for doing
impossible things in unheard-of ways they were still so
sure they could do every thing still better that anybody
was welcome to come and look, even rival motorcar
makers, Ford saying: "If they can do it better than we
do it they are welcome to it. Then we will go and look
at what they do."

-page 45 of The Wild Wheel


  1. I remember when engineering used to be that way, and that was in the 1980's.