Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Wild Wheel

From all of these excursions he came back to the
same place. What mattered above all was the wage. Not
a social wage, not a generous wage, not a wage arrived
at by the bargaining power of either labor or the employer,
but a scientific wage determined by the wage
motive. There was no social service that could take the
place of wages. Let the wage be the highest that mass
production could afford to pay and you would not have
to worry much about people. It was very simple, really.
Any confusion about it could usually be traced back
"to an unwillingness on the part of someone to work."
It was management's part so to arrange and organize
work that it could produce high wages, but the starting
point of high wages was the willingness to work. Without
that willingness, management was powerless.

-The Wild Wheel

page 44

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